Training the sheeple — 12 Comments

  1. i have never smoked, not a one, and at 52 yrs of age (tomorrow, have cake) i can honestly say, i don’t give a flying fuck if you smoke, i really don’t if i have a problem with it i will politely ask you stand down wind or even easier, i move.
    problem solved.

  2. Cat – The only comments I have ever had have been very positive.  Most people just comment on how they love the smell of a pipe, but quite a few have said that the aroma reminds them of their grandfather, which I think is great.  I never have smoked where I might case annoyance, as I am well aware that the smell of a pipe is quite strong, so cafes, restaurants and the like were always a no smoking area as far as I was concerned, and I hope I never caused anyone to move seat.

    And a Happy Birthday!  You have a few years to go before you catch up on me.  Have a Good One.

  3. Grandad, first Fat Women now Smoking. What next? I wonder if you are related to Twenty Major. On his blog he promoted smoking in pubs etc.

    Happy Birthday Cat.

  4. Slab – There is a very strong connection.  Both are “politically undesirable” and both are being targeted by the fanatics who think they have a God given right to order us about and to deny freedom.

    As for Twenty, apart from his tag-line, he never criticised the ban, as far as I am aware.  In fact I remember at least one occasion where he wholeheartedly endorsed it.

  5. What worries me is somebody thinking “Today New York, tomorrow the World “

  6. Powerful stuff. Even for a non-smoker. “First they came for smoking, then they came for..what? drinking…”

  7. ty granddad and slab =) i fully expect a uber grand fun day tomorrow (my family knows me well)

  8. Perfidious – I’m afraid you are too late.  The smoking ban is now widespread.  Buoyed with their success they are now closing in on alcohol and food.  Welcome to the new State Enforced Utopia.

    Blackwatertown – I linked to [but didn’t mention] a wee item on the BBC about the Danes making Marmite illegal.  We are rapidly reaching the stage where things are being banned just because there is an illogical dislike of them.

  9. Grandad is right. Salmond in Scotland is trying to shove minimum pricing on alcohol down their throats. There’s been talk of the same in England. There’s no end to the harm the it’s for your own good brigade can and will do!

  10. The ban on smoking in New York City is because it has become a nanny city under the ultra Liberal Mayor Bloomberg. Like all of his liberal ilk he believes that he knows better than anyone what is good for the public and imposes his preferences on that  same public. Like the sheeple they are, the denizens of New York do as they are told, like good Democrats.

  11. I’m just waiting for the backlash to start.  I have a nasty feeling I’ll be waiting though.  And waiting…….

  12. Perhaps we need a Grandads uprising because the young ‘uns seem to have lost the fucking bottle!

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