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  1. omg thats what I have, second hand obesity!! every time hisself makes supper he puts too much on my plate and I eat it, its all his fault! spread the word.
    I jest, easy solution to obesity is activity and/or duct tape, in the extreme slap the remote out of their hands, apply duct tape and run away with the remote they chase you (that’d be the activty part) good luck in eating with duct tape across your gob and after you rip it off, again good luck eating with swollen lips.

  2. Cat – I didn’t pay that much attention to the programme last night, but one thing they all seemed to agree on – it’s all the fault of the parents.  Good old parents!  Get the blame for everything.

    Welcome Drew!  A study/report, huh?  Another piece of claptrap that will do nothing but provide ammunition for the lunatics, idiots and ‘people who know what’s good for us’…

  3. Just goes to show you that the old wisdom is best- ‘moderation in all things except alcohol and really good weed.’

    Or for the terminally dumb the best health advice of all; ‘Eat shit and die.’

    Oh look- a bird.

  4. Con – The wisdom of the Ages and the Sages.  Can’t beat it.  Or is it a plane?
    AGrandad – Worse.  They are starting to feck around with ingredients.  Baked beans are starting to taste even blander, if that’s possible.
    Slab – On the other hand, would you fancy that anorexic Beckham wan?  She looks like a mild breeze would blow her away.

  5. This is true, Grandad, but I prefer two love handles rather than multiple handles and grip holes.
    With that amount of fat, you could have a great time if you were a mountain climber. There are probably loads lost in the crevasses too.

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