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  1. I share your despair.
    “He does a lot of charity work” – so fucking what. He’s got enough money and fuck all else to do anyway.
    Oh, and by the way I agree that Imogen Thomas is a nobody. But a nobody with a grand pair of tits !

  2. The Untermenschen of the dumbed down world have taken over. If you examin the media over the last ten years, you’ll find the evidence.

  3. Welcome Not Green.  I confess I had to look up Kathryn Thomas on the Interweb.  Nice.  Not as nice as my Sharon though.

    TT – I have to agree with Mossy on this one.

    Mossy – So have a couple of billion other women in the world.  Nothing unique there.

    Slab – Tell ’em they are getting a 50% pay cut to pay off the Germans and they mutter amongst themselves.  Tell ’em the X-Factor has been cancelled and there are riots in the streets.

  4. “Aside from football, Giggs is an ambassador for Unicef and regularly campaigns for children in South Africa who have been made vulnerable by HIV and Aids.” Hardly a waste of space.

    Tell us what the fuck have you and Mossy done for Unicef lately. 

  5. “There are times when I despair
    Me too.   Even with some of the comments that adorn your site !

  6. tt,

    I think i’m confident in saying that the auld yin and Mossy haven’t been stupid footballers wasting their money on devious lawyers advising them to make an absolute arse of themselves…..’Why yes, of course, Mr Giggs, Facebook and the t’internet will yield to your super-injunction’….hmmmm

    Celebrity and media work together in a connivance to promote each other….they never see a time when it will all go ‘pear-shaped’, but, oops, it just has, with the Seleb taking the hit…but the newspapers love it.
    Never mind, the Soaps will be on soon and the ‘Britain/Ireland/US has got talent ‘

    …what’s that you say Mr Prime-Minister/Taoiseach/President, the national debt is how much….shhh, don’t tell a soul, we’ll get an injunction out on that one !!

  7. He is England’s most decorated soccer player. Brought much pleasure to a lot of people for many years. Give the poor Salford Taffy a break willya?

  8. Grandad, tell them, Jedward are’nt Irish, ban them from saying “like” and “cool”. Tell them fast food, especially from The American Restaurant, is really bad for you. Tell them they should eat veg and fruit. Tell them to stop smoking, drinking, doing drugs. Tell them most of the shite they read in the print media and see on the TV is shite. Tell them they are wasting their time listening to the Banks, Politicians, etc. What fucking future have they got. Bombarded with the crap of the modern world.
    If only we could get back to the real values from our childhood, without the shite from our times. But, I’ve just said it hav’nt I. Its always some shite in our times. No matter what era we come from.
    I guess we just have to make the best of the world we live in and guide our young ones to the straight and narrow.
    We’re just getting older, crankier and less likely to put up with crap, ‘cos we’ve seen it all before.

  9. People need stuff to occupy their days. Like poking their noses into the personal lives of D list celebrities and footballers

  10. Slab – I have told ’em ’til I’m blue in the face, and shall continue to do so.  Maybe one or two can be saved from Tabloid Damnation?

    Welcome Randall!  Personally, I think they would be much better off [and more productive] picking their noses.

  11. tt,
    Sorry but you seem to be trying to defend the indefensible….i admit he has given pleasure to many over the years in his sporting role…..but if he can’t see that he was being played by a conniving set of lawyers then God help him – it seems a case of he wanted to just chuck some money at the problem for it to go away. Aye, really ‘down’ with the common supporter there, Ryan…..80 big ones a week isn’t it ?

    But enough of this, let’s get back to our general-societal myopia of how we’re all being played by our very own goverments….which country is next for bail-outs….UK banks coming up next for downgrades…….national debt nearing one trillion even though they’re getting cuts (that’s cuts to the budgeted increase in increasing debt…..i.e. the debt isn’t meant to be increasing as much as per the previous (socialist government), for the uninitiated) ?

    Sorry, again, must get back to rote……’Celebrity-in-the-attic’ is coming on in five.

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