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  1. Who knows grandad, if us Brits think that it’s safe for Queenie to visit Ireland then we might be coming in droves, and unless I’m mistaken we will have to wine and dine ourselves.  It could even be profitable for you!

  2. Sean – If you think that we are going to shut down the capitol city every time one of you lot decides to drop by, you can think again.  You can suffer the crap traffic and lack of parking just like the rest of us.

  3. Ah Grandad,  I gladly suffer the traffic and lack of parking in Dublin quite often.  Absolutely love it.  Co Wicklow ain’t have bad either!

  4. Hey Sean, When you’re coming, invite everyone you know. Rip off Ireland is waiting…….

  5. ah..well..humm..this is awkward..good thing i took out cancellation on that flight, guess i’ll be staying home for the week.

  6. Whats up, Cat. Rip off Ireland ain’t that bad. We have the feel good factor here. You come here with your dough, spend it on trashy oirish thingamajigs we get you pissed (you pay) and convince you you’re having a ball (great craic). We then convince you, that your ancestors were Irish and you have to pay to get more info and more oirish thingamajigs. You go home broke, worn out and elated that finally you’ve found your lost Irish roots. It’ll make you come back next year, having told all your friends, who will be tempted to see if they might be oirish too.
    Our job at the moment is to convince as many of the 40 million or so North Americans (Canadians too) that they should come over and look at the auld sod. It would get us out of our present problems.
    On the serious side though. It is cheaper to stay here now. Don’t wait, hurry over now.

  7. Don’t worry about that little Volcano thingy in Iceland, sure if you get stuck here, we’ll look after ya real good.

  8. Hey Brianf, thats a lot of shite on your Balcony, what a mess. I had some Tits in my Verandah last year.
    Blue tits. The feathered ones, don’t be rude. Messy little buggers.

  9. @Slab –  Thank’s!  It’s really nice to feel welcome.  If you think Ireland is a rip-off you need to come to London and see how it should be done.  But then again the fact that you’re in Ireland probably means you have been over already.

  10. @slab you’ve never met a maritimer its on babe its on! our one coast guard ship out drank the nato fleet….

  11. I’ve been watching the RTÉ live coverage.  I just about fell out of me chair when the limo got stuck on the ramp in Ballsbridge!  🙂

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