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  1. If you insist GD. Another massive tornado strike. At least 89 killed. Another example of extreme weather caused by man made climate change.

  2. I had some Hedgehogs visit most nights last year, the little bastards. They’d rob the dogs food, upset her and she’d bark her fucking head off annoying the neighbours, waking me from my beauty slumbers in the depth of night. I could catch them with a flashlight and a shovel (to pick them up with, not batter them). Then remove them to safety (nextdoor neighbour), so they could eat his dogs food.
    They should be banned to the bogs, little buggers.

  3. holy frig how cute is that! gets in my garden though soz hedgey you are outta here!

  4. Its not so great, Cat when you include, The Bats, Barn Owl, hunting, Mice, Voles, the odd Rat, my dog and hens, and thats only at night. In the day its also Kestrels, Herons, Buzzards, Crows, Tits, Sparrows, Blackbirds, the odd Sparrowhawk and a myriad of little bugger birds. Horses next door, Sheep the other side, Jasus, its like living in the Zoo.

  5. We used to have a cat who knew what magic mushrooms were and where to get them. You could often find him out of his brain, feet in the air, on his back in the pissing rain, tongue hanging out. His other kick was killing rabbits. I caught him once coming over the back wall with a dead rabbit in his beak.
    He actually ate the whole thing. It was as big as he was. He is no more though. I recon he got too junked up on magic mushrooms and did something stupid. Dunno what, never saw him again.
    Cats are nuts. Had one before that chased dogs, nutjob.

  6. I didn’t know hedgehogs could swim but I found one doing the ‘doggy-paddle’ in the pool last summer.  Don’t know how long he’d been in there but he was knackered when we fished him out – easier to catch than frogs too.  Of course he could have been a Greek Aquatic Hedgehog for all I know!

  7. TT – Keep saying that and you’ll begin to believe it yourself….

    Slab – We have a bit of a zoo here too.  The only problem is that we have a fence designed to stop dogs getting out so that tends to keep a few of the larger variety at bay, such as deer and badgers.  We do get the odd fox visit and I never worked out where he gets in.  Hedgehogs are great though – they clear the place of slugs, snails and the like.

    Cat – I have been trying to photograph the family for well over a year.  Today, one of the children decided to take a daylight stroll.  The dog was not amused.  Heh!

  8. For the last few days I have been, from time to time, watching Mum & Dad BlueTit taking food to their young.   They (the young) are in a birdbox that I put-up several years ago.
    I was rewarded today as one of the little fellas spent several minutes at the entrance hole looking out on the whole wide world outside.
    I wonder what was going through his mind ?  Perhaps he was “thinking outside the box” !
    P S Perhaps it was a ‘she’.

  9. I just saw  O’Bama’s speeech from Dublin. Stirring stuff. Talk about Black Irish.

  10. We have the suicidal badgers. The road has fur carpet. The dummies just stand there in the lights of oncoming traffic. Trucks usually do the damage. They really mess up cars though.

    We used to have cherry trees that produced great crops of cherrys every year. Problem was we never got any. Bloody starlings and Black birds ate them. The cherrys would ferment in their stomachs, resulting in pissed birds. They’d then fly into windows and break their necks. Usta hate that. Splats all over the windows, snot and blood. I cut the trees down. problem solved.

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