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  1. As with any construction project in Ireland the bridge will be subject to many objections/referrals to County Councils/ An Taisce together with loads of procrastination etc etc. etc. You might even find the tree huggers or that lot from Mayo protesting. Don’t expect any progress much before 2020.

  2. Mossy has a point, but like The Metro project, now put on hold due to lack of funds, there will be no money for it. If it did ever get off the ground, there would probably be a toll every km. In my part of the world, I was hoping for a huge harbour for the same reasons, Grandad, but that’s gone too.

    Queenie’s speech was, in my opinion much more that I would have expected. She, with her words and actions has closed the final chapter in a book opened by QE1. She and our Pres have opened and prefaced a new book with pages yet to be written, that are down to us all.

  3. Mossy – The difference with this project is that it is endorsed by our Pres, Her Queenness and just about every politician each side of the water.  An Taisce and the other whingers wouldn’t dare object.  Actually, I think I’ll go out now and turn the first sod.

    Slab – Money is no problem as I have heard that the IMF are willing to lend shed-loads of the stuff in return for a blow-job.  I confess I was a little surprised at Her Queenness’s speech.  It was a good one, and it certainly felt like a moment that future kids will be learning about in their history classes.

  4. Hmmmm blowjob hmmm No, no,no, fukkit. Sorry Grandad, don’t have time, building the shelter, not much time left now.

  5. The world is ending a 6PM Saturday?   Is the a rolling ending?  6PM happens at different times, I think.  So, all you Irish folks, please keep me posted as your world ends before mine.

    As for QEII, did she say she was sorry for what the Brits did to the Irish?

    BALLOCKS – I’ve just booked three weeks in France late August/ September – really looking forward to kid free sites … I’d better make sure our cancellation insurance is up to date just in case.
    Willie – Liz seems to be doing ok – take my hat off to her for guts – I once turned down a visit to a folk evening in a pub in Armagh in 2001 – just in case.  But then no-one had spent millions on my security.  Turns out I’d have been in more danger in the Hafod in Swansea on that Friday night!!

  7. According to your fellow countryman, Willie, the event will take place at 6pm local time. So yes a “rolling time”.

    QE2, as per protocol and being a Royal Personage cannot make Political speeches or statements. She can using symbolism and generalising speeches make a point, which really can only be read by interpretation.
    Since she has done this in bucketfuls, I don’t think there can be any doubt. She came as close as she could in her speech.

     “To all those who have suffered as a consequence of our troubled past I extend my sincere thoughts and deep sympathy. With the benefit of historical hindsight we can all see things which we would wish had been done differently or not at all.”

  8. Slab…thanks for your data.

    As far as the end being a “rolling time”, could someone email me when it happens for you, assuming the event starts much sooner for you than I?  There are a lot of blokes I would like to bop just before the event reaches me.

    As far these nut cases being “my fellow countrymen”, I take no pride in that truth, only to admit it and point out that we have no corner of crazy types.  They just seem to get more media coverage.  And speaking of media coverage, I am amazed the French are pissed that an accused rapist should was shown handcuffed and looking like a common thug (with very high paid lawyers). 

    So to all you Frenchmen out there, keep your hands off our hotel maids.

  9. Willie – As I wrote today, tomorrow’s ‘event’ is going to be very un-spectacular.  All that will happen is that the dead are going to rise up and wander around clttering up the place.  They will all probably be mistaken for teengers.

  10. Well I’m two hours ahead of you lot so I’ll let you know if I’m still here at 6 p.m………no wait a minute, I’ll probably be walking the dog when the world ends, typical!!!!

  11. Surely you could put off the dog’s walk for a few minutes?  And if you meet any of my ancestors on the walk, could you call your dog off?!

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