Entertaining the neighbours — 10 Comments

  1. Ahhhhhhh Marietta!!!! my favourite with lashings of real butter

    Herself is truly a lady with classy tastes

  2. Can I have some too. Used to eat them with TK Lemonade when I was a nipper.

    I don’t know what part of Planet Ireland you’re from Grandad. I often, on my daily meanderings through the busy streets of our capital feel like a Johnnie Foreigner. All you hear are the voices of foreign nationals with the rare Irish voice.

    If this is a shock to youre system you can encounter them with ease at any TK Max store.
    ‘Tis where the little fellas hibernate.

  3. Does the Irish Tourist Shooting Association have a sort of League then Grandad, with competitions for the best shots etc ?

    If not, why not start one ? .. You could call it … “I.T.S.A. Knock-Out” … 😉

  4. Dessiegee – Butter?  BUTTER?? What’s wrong with the fat scrapings out of the fryingpan?

    Slab – I live in that sensible part of the planet where people never go to Dublin.  Last time I was there was about four years ago and then I just ducked and ran.  I hate the fucking place.

    TT – You live next door to a bisuit?  I never cease to be amazed at the strangeness of Americans.

    Slab – That brings a whole new meaning to eating someone out of house and home?

    Haddock – I been asked this before.  We currently work on a points system which is very complex as it involves such finer details as nationality and location.  I would explain, but it would take too long.  I like the idea of a knock-out competition though.

  5. Grandad, Can I please come to your planet. I hate Dublin too, the rat race, the dirt, scumbags, junkies, parking, shop owners etc. Its an over priced rip off kip.
    Marietta Bikkies and Fat scrapings. OMG, too much.

  6. It’s not a biscuit I live next door to it’s a big chicken. Google it if  you don’t believe me.

  7. Slab – You are more than welcome to move here, provided you don’t mind the odd assassination attempt.  We ted to be sniffy about blow-ins who try to push the house prices up.  Not that there is much of that these days.

    Cat – The one good thing about Jedward is that they set the standard.  Absolutely any act on earth can be measured in terms of how much better they are than Jedward.

    TT – I’m begining to wonder about this Marietta thing.  Here it’s a biscuit.  In America it’s a chicken.  In South Africa it’s a massive great fuck-off hole in the ground.  Strange…

    Hold on…. The fuck-off hole is Kimberly which is also a biscuit

    It’s no wonder I get confused?

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