The Eurasian Song Thing — 12 Comments

  1. I’m danmed glad we did’nt win it. It would have bankrupted us. I think Ireland having won it three times in a row, not to rub it in the faces of other Nationalities, should bow out now and forget this failed competition.
    We should bring back The Castlebar International Song Contest. It would be a great morale booster.
    I think we only lost it three times, Heh.

  2. Slab – Sure money is no object here.  All we would have to do is to touch the IMF for a couple of extra billion [assuming they aren’t busy getting blow-jobs from chambermaids]?

    I never knew we lost Castlebar?  That is rather careless.  It must have been upsetting for the residents?

  3. The only problem with approaching The IMF for anything is how far will we have to bend over and how many Chambermaids will they want. Or is it just a particular French aversion.

  4. I’m sorry to hear Castlebar has gone – did the rest of Mayo go at the same time?

    Azerbaijan is more solvent than Ireland – though most of the world shares that status – it has substantial gas reserves, which it hasn’t given to foreign oil companies.

  5. Maybe Ireland could enter, Fr. Ted’s “My lovely Horse” next year in Azerbijan. Fukkit we’ve tried everything else. remember the feckin’ turkey.

  6. Nice one Slab.
    Grandad – I presume we’re always trying to lose anyway – due to the crippling cost of the prize.
    And anyway – the whole Europe limit went out the door when Israel was let in. Not in Europe last time I looked (regardless of any EBUing) though they slotted in very well and provided some la la la and Dana International entertainment over the years.

  7. Can’t wait to see when Azerbijan apply for EU Membership. All that lovely oil, gas, dung, whatever the hell they have. They’ll probable get in too. They let anyone in these days, Bulgaria, Hungry, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Ireland….ooops. They could join us in Bail out Heaven (hell).
    There must be a song in this.

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