What’s in a name? — 9 Comments

  1. pretty much sums it up for me.
    although i find the american news of the “victory” disturbingly violent, so same ol’ same ol’ it seems average american behaviour gives me the willies.

  2. The Princess marries her Prince, the baddie gets blown away and summer has arrived early. It’s all a fairytale I tell you ……….

  3. I was taught to never dance on a dead mans grave.  I was out in the garage doing compression test on the auld VW, when I heard the news flash come over the radio.  For a moment, I was overjoyed with the news that a murderous c*nt like him had been wiped off the earth..  Then, a sense of trepidation hovered in the air.  Retribution is an endless circle of death.
    People with any sense will be cautious and vigilant.  This is not over.

  4. Does anybody really know if he was actually behind 9/11 ? Not saying he wasn’t. But ?

  5. Cat – Is there such a thing as average American reaction?  Apart from lots of screeching and invoking God?

    John – And the big question is ……..  do we all live happily ever after?

    JD – Yup.  Dancing on a dead man’s grave kind of sums it up, and it doesn’t matter a damn who they were.  He is gone and that’s that.  No need to gloat.

    TT – Was he just invented as ‘the man we all love to hate’?  They seemed to know a hell of a lot about him, but there again his family and the Bush lot were fairly pally.

    Has anyone wondered why they so conveniently ‘buried him at sea’ so quickly?  Talk about destroying the evidence!

  6. …..the ah picture of 72 nuns with guns?
    oh never mind they probably went to father Mulldun’s…

  7. Sorry to be pedantic, GD, but using “it’s” for the possessive?  Sandy’s licking exploits are obviously affecting you more than you realise

  8. DAMN!  Thanks for pointing that out, Tony.  And I try to be careful about such things.  😐

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