Recession — 10 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    Don’t you dare stop writing shite on this site!  You’re right we probably wouldn’t pay a premium to read it, but then again not many will pay a premium to read Murdoch’s shite either.

    You shite is always interesting to read and although as you say “nothing happened” I will still go away happy that I visited again today.  BTW nothing happened to me today either, but that’s the way it is most days thank be.  I can’t take too much excitement at my age.

  2. Welcome Sean, and thanks for the insults/compliments.  I know there will be those who say that I’m just fishing for compliments, but I’m not, and it’s nice to see someone appreciates that this site is pure drivel.  After all, if it weren’t utter shite, then it wouldn’t be the site that you all love to hate?

  3. It’s fucking May Day. Go dance around a pole with flowers in your hair and a gourd on your dick. Then go fornicate with farm animals. Give you something to write about.

  4. @tt Ok I’ve now got flowers in my hair and a gourd hanging off my limp dick.  There aren’t any farm animals close by so I’ll have to pass on  that one as my knees aren’t too good and it’ll be dark soon.

  5. GD..You could focus on the 2012 Irish Blogger Awards.   Maybe the blokes who give them out will getting ahed of themselves again.

  6. Tinman – I have no idea what a gourd is either, but don’t they make musical instruments out of them?  Makes the thought of a picture of Sean a little more intriguing?

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