Stress tested — 23 Comments

  1. Yes you are.
    You seem to be taking the helicopter view.
    Good stuff!!

  2. Oh – that’s interesting!  My flag has changed because I’m using a UK IP address so I can watch the IPlayer.

  3. draw the line in the sand by all means, but make it at high tide so it lasts or it washes away, just a tip.

  4. Good Lord Grandad, just build a bridge and get over it, or next thing you’ll be attacking our precious children !!

  5. Perhaps we should park that for a moment and consider the optics through the wisdom windshield.

  6. I actually really like the sound of “burning the Bondholders”. I hope it becomes a proper event on the Meet-Up site. Hell, even if it goes up on Ticketmaster for 25 euro plus 10 euro scam-booking-fee. I’d still go and watch.

  7. Forgot all about spaghetti hoops. Might get some on the way home. I’ve the goo for them now.

  8. Just don’t get your knickers in a twist about it.

    How did you get the e acute accent on your key board?

  9. Grandad,
    I must be email address challenged, I tried to send the following to your email address listed in the contact section, but no can do!  Wanted to pass on to you a book that I thought you might be interested in, “The Speckled People”, by Hugo Hamilton.  May be you have already read the book, it wouldn’t surprise me but if not, you and any of your readers would probably really enjoy the story because of the relevance to all that is bombarding us these days.  Sorry if I caused any consternation among your readers by not posting a comment pertaining to the subject at hand.

  10. John – The address on the contact page is unfortunately working.  leastwise, I’m still getting spam there.

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