Backchat — 5 Comments

  1. If you’ve started having conversations with your SatNav now you do have serious problems.
    The reason I like shouting at the Television is that at least it does not talk back.

  2. “It means I can control the yokel without having to take my hands off the wheel.” Do you mean Roger? 

  3. mossy – Yes it does.  Or is the sound broken on your set?

    TT – Roger is no yokel.. He is very refined, if somewhat misguided.

  4. Roger sounds like he’s wanting to retire, either by just quiting or taking you off a cliff with him.  Time for a new road compadre.

  5. Oh NO!  Dont get the voice recognition one – you will find yourself having heated arguments with it as you hurtle along through the countryside!  

    Think how annoying it is to try and phone (lets say, the ESB) and get that voice recognition answerphone that NEVER EVER hears or understands what you are trying to say! 

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