The springing of spring — 6 Comments

  1. take the chains off the car?? don’t go spring crazy with yourself now its not end of april yet.

  2. Cat – It’s OK.  I’m leaving the can of de-icing spray on the back seat.

    TT – You asked that before, didn’t you?  Am I forgot to answer, didn’t i?  As far as I remember, on a Windows PC, you press Ctrl + Alt + a vowel [‘e’ in your case].  I use Linux and that doesn’t work, so I type ‘cliche’ and the spell-checker changes it to ‘cliché’.Heh!

  3. We had snow every day in April one year (before global warming). And we live in New Mexico, lower USA, BUT in the mountains at 7,500 feet. (Aren’t you glad you know that now?)

  4. TT – Maybe your spell-checker needs some lessons in spelling?

    Bikehikebabe – So you have your head in the clouds?  I knew that.

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