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  1. Grandad only 20% of people know whats going on and care the rest care nothing and are only interested in rubbish TV programs and their mobile phone.

  2. I just hope that about 90% of the younger ones keep working and paying into Social Security.  Then, I’ll just slip away before they do.  That would be……(insert the A word).

  3. I think the blame for the use of “Awesome” lies more in the direction of the U S of A.

  4. OMG, I like, can’t believe this shit. Oh, you are so like, uncool !!”  NOT!!!

  5. I had a friend in Cork some years ago and, according to him, everything was “mighty”.
    “did you see de new James Bond movie – ’tis only mighty”

  6. Sure and here you go blaming Americans again….who did you blame before most of you moved over here, Your Awesomeness? 

  7. I am a Computer Junkie (recovering). i’m going to stay away from my computer to get things done around here. It’s more fun to run to the computer than work. I’ll miss you but must do this. LOVE

  8. I’m Gail’s helper. She’s 2 dimensional & would blow away like a paper doll, if I didn’t hold her hand outdoors. We live at 7,500 feet & the wind is most swift.

    Actually I too am a Computer Junkie. We are in recovery together. I luv U 2.

  9. There are times when the comments on this site have a distinctly surreal air about them.

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