Spring has sprung — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t have a signature since I’m just a cartoon person. I don’t have a social security number either. It’s nice. No income tax.

  2. Hi,
    I followed your directions up to the mountain tops via the bog road. If you don’t come and rescue me I shall yodel until the Garda get here!
    A German tourist!

  3. Gail – But you can’t claim benefits or back tax either?  And a bureaucrat could do you some very nasty damage with an eraser?

    Ivar – I’m a bit busy at the moment.  Just drive north and turn left at the second junction.  If you see a sign saying “Danger – Quarry ahead – No through road”, just ignore it.  It was put there by mistake.  Heh!

  4. Thank you, GD.  I have donated my Irish tour books to our local library.  I will attach a note, suggesting that the new, proud owners not read your awarding winning blog.

  5. Willie – If you have given away your tour books, then you will have to rely on the locals here for directions.  Good choice!

  6. what the buggary, dang sherrif ..good you owed him..and piss of work ..why do they care you’re gone already.
    should have showed up for a work day form tucked to whip out…pissants

  7. That get-a-garda-to-sign-your-passport-application always left me feeling smug. Us northerners were considered so honest there was no need for us to have a local police officer countersign the form.
    I’m sure that was it.
    Unless they had something against the RUC in those days.
    Wonder what the situation is nowadays? Still don’t need a Garda nor a PSNI (if they are involved) cos I’m now ET – extra-territorial.

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