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  1. Spray the pack with essence of cat and leave it in easy reach of Sandy. Job done!
    If that works spray the census wonk in same essence and let Sandy have a run.

  2. It should be nothing more than a body, age and gender count. They want to know your religion? Tell them to fuck off and mind there own business. Oh, and it’s censuses.

  3. in sex write ‘frequently if able’
    in job write ‘going up stairs’ (my knees find that a job!)
    in marital status just plop in, ‘okay so far’
    oh they are grand forms to fool around with, i basically just take quite a literal approach to it.

  4. What I want to know is how many people reading your blog know what a coal hole is Grandad… Once again you made me smile and took me back a bit too.:-)

  5. That’s weird ’cause the Census guy called to me yesterday too, IN CORK (small, grey hair, sounded real official etc). My first thought is, he gets around fast, doesn’t he. Then I remembered Santa.

    Anyway, since he got to both of ‘us’, yesterday, I reckon the plurul must be “censusus”.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Fuck me!!  I have just noticed that a failure to complete, or to provide false information incurs a fine of €25,000


    Twenty five fucking THOUSAND?

    By God I’m going to have to be fierce inventive with this little baby.

  7. You lot really do need to kick all political parties into the Atlantic!
    Legal Offences
    Under the Statistics Act 1993 it is an offence for a person or undertaking to:

    fail to provide information requested in a statutory inquiry (Section 36);
    prevent an Officer of Statistics (i.e. a CSO staff member or field officer) carrying out her/his duties (Section 37);
    obstruct the Director General or an Officer of Statistics in the exercise of her/his functions under the Act (Section 40);
    wilfully destroy, damage or falsify any document or record issued for the collection of statistics for a statutory inquiry (Section 42);
    provide information, written or oral, or deliver a document, knowing it to be false, in purported compliance with a requirement under the Act (Section 43).

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