Who is Justin Bieber? — 13 Comments

  1. I went to the link you give. What’s really sad are the comments there. Or did we just get old? Who’s your favorite Beatle?

  2. TT – Those comments are pretty scary all right.  A five year old professing undying love?  Shit! And not one of ’em can spell.  I never had a favourite Beatle.  It never occurred to me to like one more than the others.

  3. Hey, Michael,
    I thought that you were writing abour me.   Especially No. 6

  4. TT ) I know.  That was always my reply [from the past]

    AGrandad – Michael?  No Michael around here.  As for number 6 0, now you have me really worried.

  5. We Yanks have suffered so much, ala Michael Jackson, for starters.     Lest we forget Clay Akins.   Thank you, American Idol.     

  6. He is not any of those things posted, he is however a manufactured, genuinely talentless 17 year old from Canada, with an army of moronic trolls who put his name in every comment stream on you tube in relation to other groups, such as the Beatles, however most of the comments for him are written in the comments to Deep purple, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Spooky Tooth and all the other  Hard Rock originators of the late sixties early seventies. He is truly appaling and a very accurate indication of how banal the music industry and the education system is today, I only listened to 30 seconds of one of his outpourings of aural vomit to realize he is even worse than little Jimmy Osmond………

  7. It’s you lot in America/Canada that are churning them out for us to suffer.  Keep them on your side of the lake.

    Ian – I’ll have you know I was too old for Herman’s Hermits.

    Welcome Johnnyrvf.  I take it you are not a fan then?  I haven’t listened to him so can’t comment.  I think I will leave things that way.


  8. Thank you for your welcome,  no definitely not a fan, a very sage decision if I may say so.

  9. On behalf of all Canadians, I am sorry.
    I am sorry for Justin Beaver.. I mean Justin Beiber and Celine Dione.

    I have no explaination. So please accept out apologies.

    If I see Justin, I will be sure to club him like a baby seal.

    Sorrily Sorry
    Cranky Canuck

  10. Being sorry is not enough.  The world demands reparations.  The hides of Dion and Bieber are merely a start.

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