Irish Thingy Awards strikes back — 30 Comments

  1. Your site is a bit of each isn’t it? I would go with you with humor, though. You have made me laugh once or twice over the years.

  2. See!!!   I have been telling you that this BLOG award thing is all fucked up anyway.  I think you should wait until the end of 2011 and then decide what you are.   That way if you don’t win anything, you can be at peace because you didn’t win something for what hasn’t happend yet.  (Your BLOG is personal/humor, anyway.)

  3. Hmmmm.  Two Personal, one Humour and Willie.  [I take it, Willie that you are a Republican/Democrat?]

    So I made TT laugh once or twice?  There’s hope for the world yet…

  4. I would go with personal, personally. It just so happens that you have a humorous personal blog.

  5. TT – I have not got a fucking clue.  I don’t organise these things.

    Cathy – Thanks and bugger!  That makes 2 each.

    Daniel – Now you’re confusing things further by saying it’s both,  Damn!

    Melemian – That’s the first decent suggestion so far.  I don’t have a coin.  I’ll toss herself instead and see if she lands heads or arses.

  6. Your truth makes us laugh, ’cause it’s so close to the bone. Perhaps, that’s your personal humour at work.

  7. Personally, you are a dang humorous fellow, sometimes, occassionally, now and then….

  8. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions but the whole thing is academic now.  The buggers have decided in my absence to stick me in under Humour.  Have they never heard of democracy?  Elections?

    Leastwise I am apparently in the last five for Humour.  And that’s as far as I shall go.

  9. Go for humour. I think you’re in with a better chance . Completely mercenary I know but I find you funnier than I find you personal, if you get me.

  10. They stuck you under humour, so reply back and say you want to be in Personal.
    My original thought was to tell them that you don’t want to be in either.  That would show them.

  11. Yea it’s personal but I wouldn’t be reading it every single day if it weren’t so darn hilarious.  I absolutely vote HUMOR. Can I vote twice?

  12. Willie – There are only five so top or bottom is kinda academic?

    Darragh – Apparently that is where I ended up. And why do I get the feeling that people only laugh at me when I’m trying to be serious?

    Rabbit – Thanks! And congratulations to you too. I see you’re in there under Best Post?

    5h4mr0(k – I had that original thought too, but the sods moved too fast for me.

  13. Your’s is simply a site for sore eyes grandad, and I mean that in the best possible way!

  14. Motherdear – That would be a tad greedy, would it not?

    Aw, thanks, John.  But if you’re looking for compensation, you’re out of luck.  I’m broke.

  15. Your not funny… so find another category.

    Cranky Canuck

    • I think of you lots!

      But YOUR the one that hunts tourists for fun and profit and I do recall the time you gave lost backpackers directions that sent them into a bog.

      Or how about that time an American tourist pulled up into your driveway and you put Sandy onto him.

  16. Hush!  You don’t want the whole world to know!!

    You recall THE TIME I sent tourists to the Bog?  Which time?  I have sent dozens  [probably hundreds at this stage] up to The Bogs.  Can’t you be more specific?

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