Poor representation — 9 Comments

  1. As smokers make up 25 percent of the population it should also be mandatory that 25 percent of the “gubmint” are smokers.

  2. What about Grizzly Adams?  And Martin Ferris and Caomhain O’Caolain?  

    Actually, there’s a strong tren in a certain direction.

  3. Anon – It’s nearer 30% now, isn’t it?  I’ll drop down there sometime and see if I can catch them sneaking a quick drag of a fag-end at the gates.

    Mossy – You have to admit that there has there has been a remarkable drop off in representation for wankers.  Michael Healy Rae got elected…

    Ian – You really know how to flatter a bloke.  I had forgotten about them, which is probably a good thing.

  4. I made the mistake of doing a quick search on Joan Burton. One site had this close up of her. I’m not going to sleep well at all tonight.

  5. Jayzus, Kirk!  You forgot to mention the site.  Don’t keep us in suspense.  Or maybe it’s better that you do?

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