A fair belt — 5 Comments

  1. Like you, I had a variety, like a mini, an escort, a Corolla, a GTI, an escort van (1800) and then onto the Opel Omega’s, an estate first (metallic brown) and a silver saloon. Herself loved the ‘big brown van’ as it was known. Then onto the Saab’s, a 9000 CSE (my favourite), a ’95’ and then a BMW 525i. I’ve just swopped the Beamer for a 1.2 Fiesta and at first glance, the beamer is a drivers car, all full of aggression and attitude, whereas the baby Ford is all submissive and weak. . I’ve done 130MPH in the BMW and it was like gliding. The big difference now is the €200 road tax on the baby Ford, as opposed to €970 on the Panzar. I just know a pair of tights will do as a fan belt and the rumour of petrol within 50 miles will keep the Fiesta going. I’ve christened it, “back-to-the-womb motoring. !

  2. Greasy Haynes manuals – a godsend.  Once changed an exhaust on my college friend’s minivan in the pouring rain, by torch.  I could never fit my frame under the chassis these days let alone think about replacing an exhaust. That mini van could tell some tales – except it’s long gone to the scrapyard in the sky.  Glorious days ….

  3. John – The first car is like the first woman – never forgotten! My record for mileage was my Mini.  I managed to drive from Dublin to Limerick [120 miles] on two gallons.  Not bad?

    Cardi – I once blew my cylinder head gasket while on a long trip.  I bought a new one at the next town and fitted it at the roadside.  I owe a lot to Haynes!

    TT – Stop quitting those tablets.

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