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  1. “The Queen, she came to call on us ..
    She wanted to see all of us ..
    I’m glad she didn’t fall on us ..
    She’s eighteen stone” ..

    Well not quite .. but I’m sure you get the picture .. 😉

    Thanks Luke .. and RIP …

  2. Did you have to come up with the collective noun “shower” for a multitude of wankers?

    I pray for a failure of the imagination.

    Regards, Jim

  3. Queen Betty’s visit is the final humiliation for the Irish people I can see it now thousands lining the streets with their flags all showing that at heart they are all slaves.
    Nice family Prince Andrew is in trouble over his friendship with a child abuser and his ex wife took £15k from the same scumbag.

  4. There is a huge house in our street. The extended

    family is run by a grumpy old woman with a pack of

    irritable dogs allowed to run without leads. Her car

    isn’t taxed or insured and doesn’t even have a

    number plate, but the police still do nothing.

    To the best of my knowledge, she has never worked

    in her life. Her bad-tempered old man is notorious

    for his racist comments. A shopkeeper blamed him

    for arranging the murder of his son and his son’s

    girl-friend, but nothing has ever been proved.

    All their kids have broken marriages except the

    youngest, who everyone thought was gay. Two

    grandsons are meant to be in the Army but are

    always out partying in nightclubs. It is not known if

    they have the same father. They are both out of


    I hate living near Windsor Castle!

  5. Jim – Heh!  You got me thinking there.  I had to do a search on the Interweb but I finally found “shower” definedNoun. A derogatory and all encompassing term for a motley group of people.

    Yiz all seem very keen to comment on Betty’s forthcoming visit?  Doubtless I will have an opinion as the time grows nearer, but quite honestly I don’t have one at the moment.

  6. Possibly I’m as thick as some people have been heard to say, but either it’s a joke that’s gone right over my head or else nobody noticed that you referred to her mumness as the ‘Queer’ of England.

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