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  1. Are you sure that he is not saying, “Howya Nick”, or “Rick”, or “Dick” ?
    Your hearing is not as good as it used to be.   I used to hear the donkey which lived about 3km away, but not any longer.    It is about three years since I heard him.
    Mind you it was about three years ago when he died.   He was made into superb sausages.

  2. Mick,

    I would advise you to accept the inevitable.

    If you are to be known as “Mick”, assume his personality and create some havoc! Wear a badge that says “Hi! I am Mick”. Fire up your pipe wherever you want to and when the Guards come for you, wave some other ID at them that confirms you are not, in fact, Mick. Pinch bottoms, leer, get drunk, cause trouble, and generally be a nuisance.

    (Unless, of course, you already do all that as a matter of routine).

    Carpe Diem, auld fella! Have a blast.

    Then blame Mick.

    (Please delete the first comment. I corrected a typo. Ta).

  3. If it’s an elderly lady type personage who keeps hailing you as “Mick” it may be a term from their youth which could loosely translate as “Hello, hot buns!”. If if you’re being hailed by a personage that’s other than female though…

  4. A Grandad – I will confess that I used a little artistic licence in this tale.  What the chap actually said was “howya, Michael” but I modified it to provide the literary link to last week’s tale.  And surprisingly enough, apart from a rotten and constant dose of tinnitus, my hearing is exceptionally good for my age.  If it weren’t for the tinnitus, I would be able to hear everything.

    Ranty – I am ashamed of myself that I didn’t think of that myself.  I am fairly well known for most of the activities you mention, but I might try bringing groping to a new level?

    Kirk M – If it was an old lady she was very well disguised.  Or maybe she had had an operation?  Now if he had said “howya, Hot Buns” I definitely would have smashed him.

  5. Consider this, GD.  Whoever it was could have called you “Alphie”, or “Bruce”, or “Craphead”.   So, show a little gratitude here.

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