The other Grandad — 16 Comments

  1. Gadzooks !!

    I’ve heard of fellers claiming they were once in the SAS (they’re known as “Walts” .. as in Mitty)

    But a “Walt” Grandad ? ..

    Can’t possibly be tolerated .. out with the oul’ Tourist hunting gun .. eh ? .. 😉

  2. Might it be the dreaded Mickey Finn?   Also, that are a lot of theories being knocked around about a parallel universe.  Scary, huh?

  3. Cap’n Con – Could you please avoid that fucking expression – “going forward”?  It’s all I am hearing from the fuckits and their election promises.

    TT – I don’t think they were English.  They never would have survived the trip.

    A Grandad – You were the first person I though of.  I may have to eliminate you, if that is OK?

    Bill – I used to work with hundreds of ’em, but all their names were spelt with a Pr.

    Willie – Have you have been watching Star Trek again?

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