The other Grandad — 16 Comments

  1. That’ll be Groandad Nua … going forward. I bet he recycles and gave up the pipe years ago too the bastard.

  2. Gadzooks !!

    I’ve heard of fellers claiming they were once in the SAS (they’re known as “Walts” .. as in Mitty)

    But a “Walt” Grandad ? ..

    Can’t possibly be tolerated .. out with the oul’ Tourist hunting gun .. eh ? .. 😉

  3. Could be you have an evil twin. Second thoughts that would make two of ye. Or maybe the ladies were English; calling all Irish guys Mick.

  4. Might it be the dreaded Mickey Finn?   Also, that are a lot of theories being knocked around about a parallel universe.  Scary, huh?

  5. Cap’n Con – Could you please avoid that fucking expression – “going forward”?  It’s all I am hearing from the fuckits and their election promises.

    TT – I don’t think they were English.  They never would have survived the trip.

    A Grandad – You were the first person I though of.  I may have to eliminate you, if that is OK?

    Bill – I used to work with hundreds of ’em, but all their names were spelt with a Pr.

    Willie – Have you have been watching Star Trek again?

  6. It seems to me that GD could just find some other old fart’s blog, copy and paste it, as it were his.

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