A case for lobotomy — 12 Comments

  1. Im past caring now when it comes to the votes. Voting is like shopping in a supermarket. they push they shove you around the place and when you leave the store. You forgot what you went in for.

  2. Bill is right it makes no difference they all have the same aim to enrich themselves and their friends. They care nothing about the people you wont see them again till next election. With the EU running everything why are they even needed?
    While passing the time waiting for the next bunch of gobshite to be elected name any country with good leaders.
    My choice… Singapore.

  3. My polling card has been pinned to the fridge since it arrived in the post last week.  Today- I took the time out to go and vote and guess what? So embarrassing – my name wasnt even on the list……………….  everyone looked at me like I was a criminal and my cheeks were on fire as I had to walk out without voting.  What an idiot!

  4. Is today the day?    I will be intently watching the nightly news for riots in Ireland, featuring bearded old farts with pipes and canes-foaming at the mouth.

  5. So there’s the problem right there! The problem with governments, voters, general idiots and such. It’s the human factor you see. So all you have to do to solve the problem is to remove the human factor from the equation–no more problem. Of course this might cause a bit of trouble concerning the survival of the human race but it would solve the problem nonetheless.

  6. Andrew – I fear you are right.  I think most of the Fianna Fail followers have already been lobotomised.  I just hope they don’t breed.

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