The party is over — 9 Comments

  1. 1. The outgone lot with be creeping back in via quangos.
    2. The new lot are merely yet to reveal themselves.
    So I wouldn’t worry about finding something to moan about.

  2. 1. I doubt it.  They have virtually no influence now.  They are perceived as being toxic so none of the new lot will have anything to do with them.

    2.  Very true.  However none of the new lot is a graduate of The Haughey School of Economics so they are probably marginally less corrupt.

    We shall just have to wait and see.

  3. “Who the fuck am I going to rant about now?”
    Give the bastards a few week and there will be plenty of targets for your rapier !
    Best of luck, mon ami.

  4. “Who the fuck am I going to rant about now” ?

    A great many people , including some influential bloggers over here said much the same when ZaNuLieBore bit the dust Grandad ..

    Many were hailing the appearence of the “coagulation” as being the first steps on the journey leading to the promised land ..

    Some of us (known as suspicious & cynical bastards) were roundly de-cried when we suggested that Cameron & Clegg weren’t to be trusted .. 

    It didn’t take the “Gruesome Twosome” very long to reveal their true colours ..

     I believe the same will come to pass in the Oul’ Sod & that you’ll not be bored for very long ..

    Politicians the world over are just the same .. as long as you possess an iota of pride & decency .. you wouldn’t want one as a member of the family ..

  5. T’wont be too long now Gdad , this lot will prove to be just as bad, did you hear Kenny going on about “Paddy” wanting to know the truth?,this was on an rte interview. For fucks sake he has’nt got his hat off yet and already he’s referring to us as Paddy’s. What a condescending bastard.

  6. A Grandad – I fear you arev right.  We will have a few days of optimism as they fight over coalitions, but once they get down to business, I’m sure life will return to normal.  *sigh*

    Haddock – You have to admit – we gave our lot a much better thrashing?!!  I know things won’t be that much different as the new lot are now tied into agreements with those wankers in Europe.  The one consolation is that at least the new lot didn’t get us into the mess.

    Mick – Good news at last.  I can’t remember the last time I sent an errant tourist up to the bogs or even to the local landfill.  The industry badly needs a boost.

    Anon – I could not agree with you more.  Ban the ban and we have a guaranteed tourist influx from the rest of Europe, not to mention the locals who could have a pint in peace once more.

    Gormless – Welcome to my humble corner of the Interweb.  I trust my comments about you in the past were sufficiently demoralising?  Whatever else about Dame Enda, he hasn’t mentioned Global Warming yet, so there may be a little hope for him.  And at least we won’t have that grinning cunt Ryan squeaking at us any more.  How the fuck did you put up with that in your ear all the time?

  7. There are a few types in the senior reaches of the Labour Party like Brendan Halligan who has his Irish Institute for European Affairs set up and leeching off every government department he can sign up. He’s also on the Board of Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland and Mainstream Renewables. Take a look at his Boardroom partners and tell me he’s there for a sustainable future.

    Profitable more like. It’ll be interesting to see which side of the fench Brendan hops down to as National Policy Coordinator of the Labour Party or as Board Member of a company seeking to profit from the carbon credit market and other derivative offshoots of ‘Green Ireland’?

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