Weekly elections — 10 Comments

  1. No politician anywhere would go in for such a scheme!  It makes sense.  It is simple and somewhat fool proof and the infrastructure is already in place for it.  It would give the pulse of the voters in real time.  It’s a great idea.  Nope, no politician will go for it.  It’s too honest.

  2. In theory it sounds fine.
    In practise it places even more control in the hands of spin doctors. The public can never make decisions like this properly, because we’re never told the full and honest truth about anything.

  3. BrianF, you are bang on. It would scare the shit out of the politicians because, if they didn’t reflect what we said in their decisions, they would be seen to be going against the will of the people.

    Mr. Thrifty, the idea of Independent members of the old Seanad posing the questions, actually does away with the sin doctors role. However, you are right in your suggestion that we get a very one-sided news coverage, are innocent to the propaganda that’s fed to us daily, and we are having our opinions shaped in advance. Computers can’t sort that out – they are just dumb machines.

    Captain Haddock, at least the Turkeys would get to vote !

  4. What would concern me is who would pose the questions that are put up for out delectation?  I can just see it – the week they decide to vote themselves a 50% pay rise, we would be asked whether the price of a pint in the Dail bar should go up.

  5. The idea scares the shit out of me. Fuck no. We as a species are just too stupid. What, you let Jerry Springers audience vote on economic policy? For one thing policy would change on a daily basis depending on whay Oprah, Britney or Lady Gaga happened to say on the breakfast show that day. God knows we could attack Canada based on Jerry’s final thought. It’s like trusting the people to have guns. Look where that’s got us.

  6. Frank,

    Mallon is a Northern Ireland name, my Father having been born in Belfast in 1908.

    There are two clans – one from Antrim and one from Tyrone. I’m descended from the Amtrim lot.

    A UCC Historian traced the name back through the mists of time. I don’t remember his study in great detail, but he told us that the earliest Mallons were Persian horse thieves.

    So, this lad Eamonn – does he hail from Tehran or what. ?

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