Life on Planet Bertie — 5 Comments

  1. Hear Hear, the world would be a far better place if that fucking thief was to die a slow horrible death.

  2. I just watched a clip on the protest in Egypt and there a woman was saying to the camera ‘I wondered where all the men were in Egypt for the last 30 years at last they have woken up.
    I hope the people of Ireland have woken up and send FF into oblivion. The shame about Ahern is he walks away with a big payoff and pension. Iv always said election day is the only day you have democracy before these crooks get elected after that it will be business as usual looking after only their own interests and their rich business friends.
    Sorry folks nothing will change.

  3. That woman intervening on the street interview was so succinct and eloquent. It takes a real Dub to put a professional public Dub in his place. I wish angry, and eloquent, citizens had more opportunities to intervene sensibly when suited politicians are being given lots of free airtime. Will some suffering peasant farmer in Mayo get a similar golden opportunity to put Enda Kenny in his place about a year from now?

  4. Gerry – I have heard that the same woman is to run in the election.  If so, I hope to God she gets elected!

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