Impressing the neighbours — 12 Comments

  1. I think it tells you something about how bad the state of Irish politics has got when Sinn Fein are the voices of reason. It’s as if the entire nation has had a collective stroke.

    Stuff the Finance Bill. What’s needed, quite simply, is for Ireland to have the election NOW. Once that’s out of the way, just stop bailing out the banks and let them fail. Also, get out of the Euro and bring back your own currency. It’s mostly because of your European neighbours and their currency that Ireland is in the mess that it is – the Irish owe Europe nothing.

  2. They are rushing to pass this reckless bill because the EU have told then it must be passed so they can enslave the nation.

  3. Or are the opposition hoping that all the shit will stick to Cowen as he wanders the political wilderness or more likely takes up a European position in private sector or more likely pulls a Kinnock type post?

  4. our European neighbours would not be impressed

    Leave out the word ‘European’ and it describes aspects of the Irish psyche perfectly … whatever you do, don’t let the neighbours know.  Our so-called leaders suffered from that syndrome when they fudged about the bail-out.  Just an extension of the ‘sweep it under the carpet’ mindset

  5. Reaper – I always swore I wouldn’t support Sinn Fein but now I am beginning to have second thoughts.  They really are the only alternative to the piss-heads in the other parties.

    Peacock – The latest is that Fuhrer Merkel is suggesting that we could pay a lower interest rate on the bailout, in exchange for a greater control in our affairs.

    Bill – I have a feeling that a lot of it is so whoever is in power can claim that it was Fianna Fail’s mess and nothing to do with them.

    Tony S – Agreed.  Combine that with a ferocious inferiority complex……….

  6. Not to worry.  There is a nut-ball group running around over here that claims the “End of Days” will be May 21st, 2011.  The fall back date is 12/21/2012, the proclaimed end of the Mayan Calendar.  Take your pick.  As for me, I think the whole farce calls for more drinking.

  7. Willie – A LOT more drinking.  It’s the only way to stay sane these days.  I should just about be able to drink the entire pension pot in less than two years?

    TT – I didn’t say I was going to vote for them.  I said I would think about it.  That Gerry friend of yours pisses me off – he insists on looking like me.

  8. I am thinking about opening a illegal pub and brothel.     That should tide me over the impending doom. 

  9. Did you hear Gerry displaying his wide ranging and total grasp of economics on local Louth radio. He was brilliant, made Cowan & Lenihan look like Nobel prizewinning economists. Now not many people could do that you have to admit. Well worth a vote I say, we need more people like him in the Dail.

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