The calm before the indifference — 6 Comments

  1. Heh!  The worms are all crawling out of the shitheap now.  There is nothing like a political party tearing itself asunder.  Let the games begin!

  2. His Irish is more fluent than his sometimes stuttering English. When he retires from politics (soon, I hope) he could be nominated to a quango. (The LabFG lot aren’t going to abolish all them things y’know, cos they wanna nominate some of their own people to them ‘for party favours rendered’). This quango would be concerned with bettering the life of residents in the Gaeltacht, such as filling in all the potholes that disfigure the myriad of boreens, contributing to a distorted garage industry. Potholes are erseholes in Gaelic pidgin, so he would be known as the Chairman of the Erseholes.

  3. I just wrote a post on this “Secret Ballot” and maybe because you are Irish you can explain to me how they can have a secret Ballot when half the ministers have announced to the press that they are supporting the big C?  Or is it that that is what they want us to believe and secretly they are going to stab him in the back, or they want C to believe it and what better way than saying it in public and then stabbing the C in the back?  huh, don’t make much sense to me I tell ya!

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