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  1. Suffering more economic woe may end the Irish two-and-a-half party system that has spanceled political life since the state’s early years. Just another 18 months of suffering and the electorate will madly boot out the effers and boot FG into second place. Redemption through suffering, sounds theological. Ah but the voters might get their arithmetic wrong at the ballot boxes and we’ll find we wuz only daydreaming. Enjoy your continental rambles.

  2. Gabby – The Irish seem to have a remarkable knack of voting back the worst possible option.  I wouldn’t dismiss the chances of the current shower of shites just yet.  Like rancid turds, they have a knack of always floating to the top.  Alas, my ramblings will be local rather than continental this year.  Next year will be different!

  3. Sorry, Jim C.  It’s just that I have too much respect for amoebas, viruses and fungi.

  4. He’s essentially the Irish version of Gordon Brown.

    We let Gordon get away with it, by and large. Don’t let this equally smug cunt do the same.

  5. Just wait until he starts bleating on about his “moral compass” .. like the foetid pustule we’ve just got rid of always did ..

  6. Sorry, I absent-mindedly got your holiday rambles wrong, grandad. To get mentally away from Ireland and mugshots of Biffo et al (Al is no pal of mine either) why not stop buying Irish papers and just buy Le Monde or USA Today instead? Try to sit at footpath cafe tables sipping vin ordinaire while perusing commentary on the chances of UMP and Parti Socialiste candidates (ecrasez les Verts!) in elections a year or so from now. I hope the weather encourages such footpath fantasizing, and that the sounds of TV world cup commentaries in the front bars will be well out of your earshot.

  7. Spluttering Cunt. The beauty of this phrase overshadows everything else you say in this post. Some phrases just have a certain ring to them. I used to be particularly fond of Ballbag Bastard. But that now seems pale and anaemic.
    No doubt someone will steal your beautiful phrase to be the title of a new style magazine, or at the very least a blog.

  8. I think it is all very well to blame FF and Cowen but they say a country gets the Government it deserves and on some levels we have deserved all of this. We knew that FF were a party associated with corruption and incompetence yet the population largely voted them back in to power. We were so busy caught up with the shite of the boom: houses, cars, handbags, largess generally and no one listened to the few voices of wisdom: The economists. The world runs in cycles of boom to bust, boom to bust and Ireland will come out of this current situation. As humans we repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again-nothing gets learnt from previous experience. We voted FF into power-it’s our fault the country is in the state it is in!

  9. I can safely say that not everyone voted for FF in the last election. It doesn’t say much for the “wisdom of crowds” if that shower keep getting put back in.

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