Shopping my arse — 18 Comments

  1. Ah, the confusion of the sexes!  I cannot for the life of me understand 22 grown men (two teams) running around a field after a small ball!  This baffles me! 

  2. Welcome Charlotte!  It’s OK.  I haven’t a clue what that kicking a ball around a field thing is about either.  It’s all kind of pointless.

  3. Football. Pointless! Outrageous! I swear you are such an old nerd GD. But you are right that shopping sux ass.

  4. If it’s just drinking the pint that’s enjoyable, why then, don’t you just drink at home? Pints are far more complex than just pissing money down the drain, although that’s a big part of it too! With shopping, never underestimate the attraction, for the action, of the transaction!

  5. Well, it’s mighty fine of you to “brave the mall” as it were. You’re very lucky to have survived the horrors that awaited there. Namely female type shoppers and all sorts of the very young shouting at the top of their voices in order to be heard over others shouting at the top of their voices. It’s enough to drive a stout hearted man to drink. Or have you already gotten to that point?

  6. Having to wait aimlessly for fifteen minutes in an adjoining section while my girlfriend carefully selects garments in the lingerie department is for me a torture about accompanied shopping.

  7. Sarah Palin didn’t cut it, but you do have some alternative views here Grandad. I particularly like Gammagoblin’s point. A visit to the pub is a lot more more complex than the pint, just as shopping is a lot more complex for the shopper.
    BTW, Just an FYI, I avoid shopping malls like the plague over here. Love it when I go to Wales and can take one in there. (And a trip to London is the highlight of my trip). Beats me why that is. Like I said, a subject much more complex than you think!

  8. I always get caught out… ‘Fancy a trip to Bantry’ she says. ‘What for’ say I, ‘Oh just to pick up x or y’. Fine methinks, 45 mins, job done. Never learn!

  9. I agree that some women can (and often do) go overboard with shopping. Ever seen the movie (or read the book) “Confessions of a Shopaholic” ??  Watch it, you will see what I mean!  I am a woman, and depending on my mood, I can either enjoy the shopping experience or I want to get what I need and get out! Most women who truly have the money to spend, tend to buy more frivolous than those of us who are broke or on a budget. Whether we (women) are buying for ourselves or someone else, it does make us feel good usually. Women, more so than men, enjoy buying for others, buying things to pretty up our little nests or things that make us feel good. I’m not saying that buying trinkets and such is a good or smart thing, but tit-for-tat —- if my husband would add up all the coins being tossed at a pint during a week, it would very well equal the amount spent on myself for those new boots I just bought on sale!  Just saying guys…

  10. Oops – They have shops on Venus?

    Welcome, Jm30ish.  Tossing coins at pints is as essential as the air we breath.  Man cannot live by bread alone.  He must have his pint.

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