Times of the signs — 11 Comments

  1. Nice one old chap. Cheered me up no end on this bleak, Monday morning. Snow still everywhere. Too cold to melt. I was at that hotel in Estes last year where they filmed The Shining. Looks like that outside right now. Ah well,better do some work. As you say roll on spring. Should be here in a couple of weeks.

  2. Nice for you guys over there Grandad. We’re not so lucky. We had a fall of Global Warming overnight and the temps are forecast in the single digits for the next couple of days. Brrr. On the up side, you’re right about the days are getting longer. And I watched a show at the weekend that explained that based on how the earth circles the sun winter is the shortest of the four seasons. (89 days winter compared to summer as the longest season with 94 days). That cheered me up no end!

  3. TT – Anything to cheer you up, Old Fruit. 😉

    Bill – Did I read that right?  They are countering the record low temperatures by saying that it would have been even colder without global warming???  Do these fuckers ever give up?

    Denise – I suppose it all depends on how you define summer or winter.  I have a simple definition.  Winter = jumper.  Summer = t-shirt.  I need my jumper today!!

    Con – For fuck’s sake!  Don’t be giving them ideas…..

  4. Spring is such a great time – nature’s puberty. Full of newness and reproducing and hope for the future.

  5. 65%(F) here today in New Mexico.   The kids are out of school today  (MLK) and are down at the park, playing kissy face.   Can Spring be far away?  

  6. Holemaster – Shit!  If this is nature’s puberty, does that mean it’s going to go all hormonal on us?

    Willie – Playing kissy face?  The mind boggles!!  That sounds like it might be a sin…

  7. It’s cold.  Below 0F.  The earth is dead.  Spring is months and months away, if it ever gets here.  The worst of winter is still in the future.  We can expect global warming storms until mid-april.  Snow and ice are the forecasts of our lives for the foreseeable future.
    I hate winter!

  8. Spring in 4 weeks? I do wish you’d stop reminding me of that. You’ll be enjoying the beginning of Spring in February? Do I have that right? While I sit over here not looking forward to that type of thing until the middle of April or so. Still, I wouldn’t move away from our little valley for love nor money. I’ll put in central heating instead.
    Denise – Despite what they might say, Winter in Vermont is still a 5 month ordeal and them that says it’s only 89 days are free to come camp out in my backyard anytime from November to April. We’ll see what they say then. 😉

  9. Kirk ~ I do wish Grandad would stop reminding us too. I’d forgotten that “over there” they get a better deal than us when it comes to winter.
    No need to depress me anymore than I am though. Let me bask in in the 89 days – Even if I know it’s only an illusion… (And today I really need the illusion, it’s a rough one!)

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