Pigs and coincidences — 8 Comments

  1. Aw for fuck’s sake, TT.  You don’t honestly think I bury tourists here?  They go in the landfill where they belong.  And W’s quote stays so long as the Big BO carries on the war against tourism.

  2. Can i suggest you mourn Fizz in the traditional way, down the pub with pint in hand. You know its what she would have wanted!!

  3. Those damn rats were no good for carrying cameras or microphones.
    Fizz?  What kind of name is that?  Fuzz would have made more sense or maybe Ratnick.

  4. Human beings are the most remarkable of living things. We can get sentimental over a rodent. Sad for your loss, pets are always more to their owners than just animals, says more about us than about them.

  5. TT – The Big BO = your president!

    BelfastTaxiDriver – I raised a few good glasses of the best Irish to her, last night.  Went down a treat!

    TheCia – I think her name was originally Fuzz but I started calling her Fizz by mistake.  She seemed to approve, so the name stuck.  And shoving a camera up a guinea pig’s arse isn’t very clever!

    Heretic – Frankly I would get more sentimental over a rodent than the majority of humans.  At least you know where you stand with rodents.

  6. Ah poor little dude. 🙁
    Guess I better be careful about who I contact from now on – I is cursed ah! Hmm – then again – who can I contact next, heh.
    (BTW rodent?? WTF? Yeah, like being some farty primate is anything to blab about)

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