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  1. Check with your phamacist for the date of your first prescription for headache pills. At least it will tell you when I started commenting.

  2. TT – Heh!  You first insulted me on the 20th of November, 2007.  How come it took you over a year to start?

    That’s good thinking though – I checked the date of the first comment.  It was on the 22nd of October, so that must be the reason I chose the 22nd.

  3. I’ve been commenting here almost that long?? It’s true what the say, the years do fly by as you get older..

  4. Happy B’Day Head Rambles! By the way experiments don’t fail, they just sometimes give unexpected results! Keep on ramblin’ i say! 😉

  5. Four years!  Damn who would have thought?  Well happy anniversary anyways.  I hope you’re still ranting four years from now.

  6. Well done Grandad .. many congrats ..

    The craic’s always good here .. now, is there any truth in the rumour that the Blogger-in-Chief is gonna buy all his loyal followers a pint of the “Black Liquidation” ??????????? ;0

  7. Consider it done, Haddock.  All you have to do is head into your local and ask for a pint.  Just say Grandad sent you.

  8. Think of all the interesting people we met at the BLOG  Awards.
    On second thoughts cancel that thought !!!!

  9. Congratulations on passing the four-year barrier.

    I’ve not even passed the one-month barrier yet. Four years seems a world away to me!

  10. The queen of blogs indeed! I’m glad you kept writing, I love your posts about smoking pipes–it almost makes me want to take up smoking.

  11. Happy Blogday Grandad!  I’m a newbie about a month or so out and fortunate that I stumbed upon your entertaining writings.  I am a proud American but but love it when you give us some well deserved shite.
    So you keep up your complaining and here’s to hoping for another fucking 25 years!!!

  12. A whole 4 years old, eh? And you still haven’t figured out why you started? Heh, join the club. My site will reach 5 years Come February 2nd of next year and I still can’t understand why I started it or decide where it’s headed.
    Anyway, glad you’ve been around for the last 4 years. The world would have destroyed itself otherwise, I’m sure. Well, maybe not destroy itself but it would have probably beat itself up fairly severely. Good thing you’re around then.

  13. [On behalf of my site] Thanks everyone.

    There is only one question to be answered now –

    Will it last another four years?

    Will I last another four years?


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