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  1. Good to hear there are still a few decent people left. They’re getting scarcer.
    I wonder if , with a name like that. he’s off to London to see Ratzo on Saturday.
    Oh, and by the way, as others have pointed out, this blog is not so much a “ramble” as a slow snail that’s having a very slow snail day. (Apologies to Mr. Baldrick)

  2. Mossy – I believe in giving praise where it’s due.  It doesn’t happen that often unfortunately.  As for the slowness, the pages are loading quite quickly for me, but I’m going to open the bonnet and have a look anyway.  Too many complains for my liking.

    Caligula – Want to try some swapsies?

  3. Yeah I’m up for that. The barely legal teens genre features heavily in my collection so if that floats your boat then you’re in luck.

  4. How sad am I – didn’t have a clue who Mary Coughlan was so I did a live search… now I know……

    Holymaryjoe has some nice kit to sell …

  5. Just a heads up to say that you’re back to warp speed at this end. Bravo. It’s amazing how long a few minutes is when you’re watching a little blue wheel spin and spin and spin.

  6. Cardi – I was working on the principle that those who don’t know Mary Coughlan are far better off that way.  She is, for our sins our Deputy Leader!  She is a brainless twat, and she is the only reason I haven’t assassinated Cowen.

    Paulo – Yup.  One little external link seems to have been the problem.  But you have to admit – this site is always worth waiting for?  😉

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