Cleaning out a Terrapin — 8 Comments

  1. I just buy a bigger terrapin disk,  every year or so they double in size, and get cheaper, and as I could not be bothered deleting stuff,  I just get a bigger terrapin and start off from new,  and leave the old full one  in the attic as an archive.
    your new bigger size terrapin will last longer.  I’m using  2TB disks now

  2. Go on Grandad ..

    Shell out for another Terrapin .. you know you want to really … 😉

  3. Reckon you should change the post title – ‘Terrabull’!
    Actually i quite the irony of storing stuff that we’ll probably never look at again, and sticking it in a loft that only gets visted by spiders!

  4. Marcus – You’re the one who’s roman all over the place.

    Mick – The only reason I geep such useless files is the certain knowledge that the day after I delete them, I shall need one extremely urgenly.

    Perfidious – People have been banned from here for better puns that that. 😉

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