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  1. Yup, Circling over Shannon!  Been there meself many times.  Voice slurred, can’t string a sentence together.   Only difference is I wouldn’t offer myself for interview.  I’d stay in bed.

  2. Sean – I haven’t heard that expression before!!  [It’s going to confuse anyone who doesn’t know their history?!!].  The question is – would you employ this man after an interview like that??

  3. I would not employ BIFFO to clean the fucking toilets.
    BTW as someone relatively new to you amusing musings, what’s a K8 ?

  4. Cowan, Blair medals and all, Brown should have been sectioned, are all just the front things (I cannot bring myself to call them men). Is the Barroso club behind Cowans current dalliance with ‘power’ in the same was as it is/was with the Blair/Brown stint?

  5. Mossy – My apologies!  Our K8 is the daughter.  She scribbles too.

    Bill – All Cowen can think of is the impression we make in Europe.  His answer to everything is that “Brussels approves”.  He doesn’t seem to realise that the IMF and the ECB will approve of hair-shirt budgets, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands are now unemployed with no future prospects.  Europe doesn’t give a shit about people.

  6. He’s been doing more than alcohol there. Sounds more like charlie.
    (FYI your site has “gotten” really slow.)

  7. TT – God knows what the fucker was at.  All I know is that apparently he was the life and soul of a party at three, this morning.

    I’m trying to find out what is slowing the site down!!  😐

  8. In the Daily Fail today, wandered in without realising TBH, there is a tale of brand new EU funded Irish motorway miles all 155 of them, without a motorway services in sight due to the ‘budget pressures’.
    Can it be true?
    Mind given the shit that passes for motorway services over here I reckon Ireland is getting the better end of things if it is.

  9. I fear that’s just the way he sounds, pissed or sober. SO you’re probably right.
    But – something of which Ireland can be justly proud – the best political nicknames. Can anything outdo BIFFO?

  10. After listening to that shambles of an interview with your esteemed and certainly drunk leader, it hardly seems worth mentioning but it took four minutes to open your blog and another three to open the comments page . Could there be a connection?
    Ps. I know tt. already mentioned the slowdown but I thought I’d give you a time frame.

  11. Bill – I found that article and of course it’s true.  This is Ireland after all.  If you set out for Cork from Dublin, you legally can’t stop for a piss for the best part of 180 miles.  That explains a) why people don’t drink for five days before a journey, and b( why they drive so fucking fast on the motorways!

    Paulo – It is very unlikely that our Gubmint would have the competence to fuck up my site.  I am aware of the problem, though it is downloading like the clappers for me.  *sigh*

  12. It’s pretty depressing that this man could well still be in charge of this country for the next two years. And even beyond, if FG or Labour screw up royally (say, keep Kenny).

  13. Mossy – My apologies!  Our K8 is the daughter.  She scribbles too.
    Er, em okay but does she write a porno site ?
    I doubt it but that link is blocked on the company internet !!????
    “Access denied” WTF ?

  14. For the record, I don’t think he sounds pissed.  He always has been this embarrassing (both visually and aurally).  His reluctance to have had any sort of ‘makeover’ says all you need to know about him.  He always looks (and sounds) like a piss-artist.

    I used to think that the only positive thing that could be said about Cowen was that at least he was only the second-most embarrassing Prime Minister in the EU (that title being held by the buffoon Berlusconi).
    After the Morning Ireland debacle and fallout he can now officially take the title … the man and his ilk are even more ludicrous than Silvio

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