Green my arse — 8 Comments

  1. I think you should be just as angry with the FF’ c^nts they’re propping up in power.
    As much as I hate them both – it’s about time this law came in.
    Next is the half assed civil partnership bill – at least it’s a sort of step in the right  general direction

  2. TT – Of course I’m back.  You know that.  Or is senility finally setting in?

    Dessiegee – Don’t worry.  I despise that shower of cunts just as much.  There is little or nothing to choose between them, except for that fucking smugness the Greens seem to have adopted as their own.


  3. Dessiegee – I don’t care what they die of, so long as they die roaring.

    Con – You know where you can stick your rock?! 😉

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