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  1. sure why would they need so many baths, showers and toilets, when they could just ask ESB to do one of their “cleaning services” as they did last year?

  2. Maybe the ESB just recognise that Cork people are dirty?  I think it’s very decent of them to rinse Cork out every now and then, free of charge too.

  3. Thanks for the plaudit there GD, but guess i should be up front and say it was ‘herself’ here that did the facebook deed – still, behind every good man is a ….. willing woman eh!
    Ah, the old West Cork bathroom thing, don’t you know they’re only in the holiday homes. We reckon you east coasters will be so enamoured you”ll have a good clean up before ye present yerselves 🙂

  4. Mick – It was easier to type ‘Mick’ rather than ‘Mick’s Herself’.  It’s just me being a lazy bugger.  As for the bathrooms – if they are only in holiday homes, it’s probably so that holiday makers can wash all the cowshit off themselves before they return home?

  5. West Cork? thanks be to jayzuz you didn’t come to Kerry. Esp last Sunday and the meath fiasco.

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