A belt of a price — 12 Comments

  1. Adds a whole new meaning to the “Ring of Kerry” Grandad … 😉

  2. Nice town alright .. spent a few Xmas’s there when the Ma broke out into turkey rebellion.
    Can’t remember the hotel … the White something or other. Bracing walking there around the bay on a Xmas day working up to the blowout dinner.
    The breeze was like X-rays.

  3. Isn’t there a famous song about Bantry Bay ?
    (By the way I love my new 28″ monitor.Not bad for $300.)

  4. Cap’n – It’s one of those towns that even makes Christmas almost bearable!  It is a windy spot sometimes though.

    ECP – Do you mean Galway Bay?  And $300 is a very small price to pay to see this site in all its glory.

    TT – You haven’t been taking your schizophrenia pills again?


    As I’m sitting all alone in the gloaming,
    It might have been but yesterday.
    That we watched the fisher’s sails all homing,
    Till the little herring fleet at anchor lay.
    Then the fisher girls with baskets swinging,
    Came running down the old stone way.
    Every lassie to her sailor lad was singing,
    Ah welcome back to Bantry Bay.
    Then we heard the pipers sweet note tuning,
    And all the lassies turned to hear.
    As they mingled with a soft voice crooning.
    Till the music floated down the wooden pier.
    Save you kindly, colleens all, said the piper
    Hands across and trip it while I play.
    And the tender sound of song and merry dancing,
    Stole softly over Bantry Bay.
    As I’m sitting all alone in the gloaming,
    The shawdows of the past draw near.
    And I see the lovely faces round me
    That used to glad the old front pier.
    Some have gone upon their last logged homing,
    Some are left, but they are old and grey.
    And we’re waiting for the tide in the gloaming.
    To sail upon the great highway.
    To an isle of rest unending.
    Called peacefully from Bantry Bay.

  6. Reading about my parents’ S&M anecdotes… as if I wasn’t already scarred for life.

  7. Hmm my dad left a hand print once! Good to see you belted up. Old men with stringy pants just  . . .well they just look like old men in stringy pants

  8. Ha. Poor K8. Groandad the daughter does have to put up with a lot in fairness since the militant wing of the family went digital.

  9. K8 – Do you want me to go into great graphic detail about the time you were [accidentally] conceived?  Heh!

    Baino – What else would men with stringy pants look like?  What else would men with belty pants look like?

    Cap’n – Stop sympathising.  You’ll only encourage her.

  10. TT – Your lovely song ended up in the Spam area, and I have only just found it.  Now, can you sing it please, instead of just typing it?

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