Obedience — 5 Comments

  1. Shes a good girl that Sandy. I’m always suspicious of people who react to dogs like that.

    No offence Grandad, Id be more concerned about the house stinking of cigarette smoke than a few dog hairs around the place. A house is not a home without a dog. Yer man is best off in the bog. Give Sandy a pat and a gravy bone from me.

  2. Ha, i dunno, go on holiday and leave a trail of bodies behind you!  Still, nice one Sandy (this dog is the blogs bollocks!?)

  3. Susan & Brighid – She’s the dog of a lifetime.   I wouldn’t part with her for anything.  [If anyone wants to offer me €50???…….]

    Becky – Did yiz never hear of windows?  They are things that open and refresh the air in a room in moments.  Great invention.  And Sandy got a double dose of Bonio – her favourite treat.

    Mick – You are one of the few who have met her and lived to tell the tale.  She likes your last line by the way.

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