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  1. The potato-peeler-taking should win a prize all right.

    If I were your favorite chair, I wouldn’t be so happy about your favorite meal…!

  2. Vindaloo, curry, lamb, god I wish, all we have here in Mickey Mouse land are f_ _ _ _ing tourists and oil on our beaches, both of which should go somewhere else for a while.

  3. Susan & Blackwatertown – It is essential to he health and wellbeing of the person to keep the pipes in good condition and clear.  Ask any barman.
    John – I’ll swap you a lamb Vindaloo for a million barrels of clean crude oil?

  4. Welcome back, GD. We missed you, and by “we” I mean me because I can’t really speak for the rest but I hope they missed you too.

  5. Crikey grandad….! So that’s why they call it VindaLOO (?)
    Can’t get it over here. At least I’ve never had it – but then I’ve also never seen a true blue Indian Restaurant over here. Our Coffee Shops have commandeered all prime locations…..
    (And there’s nothing wrong with my crappy internet/web connection! ).

  6. Brighid – Leave Rhodes alone.  There is no need to slag him off just because he obviously wants me to do him a favour at some stage.

    Geri – Curries are very good for you.  But then so is the stuff they sell in your Coffee Shops, so there is no need to complain.  [Have you fixed your crappy computer yet?]

  7. Yeah, quit slagging me off, you never wash your hands first.
    Grandad, I don’t want anything but for you to be happy. I’m sending you a jar of butterflies and I’ve ordered a rainbow that will soon appear if there’s sufficient bandwidth.

  8. Hey.  Don’t underestimate a good spud peeler, a bad peeling experience could ruin a good holiday!  It’s the small things…

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