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  1. I really did miss your missives, and did not realize it until you popped up again!!!  What fragile and fickled  animals we are!  Got to go, the oil from the beach is building up and I do not want to miss the latest crock of sh_ _ that will be coming out of the mouths of the politicians and talking heads!  I need a pipe, oops I mean a bowl and then Ill be ok.  Take care GD, you are the crackling voice of “reason”.

  2. If you are lighting up by the Gulf, don’t forget to be careless with your matches.  That would make one hell of an interesting bang?

    you are the crackling voice of “reason”

    Wha?  Fuck me.  That had to go on my Testimonials page!  😉

  3. Ah, you’re back. Damn innerweb was getting rather boring without you. Run over anyone while toodling about the countryside? And if so, anyone we might know?

  4. Kirk M – Yup, back again.  As for my motoring skills – no one you’d know.  Just a couple of lycra clad cylists.

  5. Hope one of the cyclists wasn’t Twenty Major, he’ s been out in his Lycra again

  6. Neelly – They called me a fucking bastard.  Can’t have been Twenty. Heh!

    Popeye – You have my complete sympathy.  I hate that bit where they get out the fire hose.

  7. Ghana kicked the USA on the shins in South Africa just after you returned, so the world is coming to rights again. You can sow bird seed in all the empty flower pots to replace the plants that died. Tweet tweet.

  8. Perhaps the special plants seeded in the overgrown garden. Y9ou may not have to disown her completely.

  9. I highly recommend the staying-away thing.

    Visit sometime, and I’ll stop by the “Butts’n’Ashes” to stock up on tobacco and drink for the occasion (they have a drive-up window, very convenient).

    Welcome home, anyhow!

  10. Just sent a ‘welcome back’ message but it’s disappeared. Your webpage is always mucking up. Takes an age to load too… That weed gets everywhere.

  11. Gerry – Yes.  I have heard urban rumours about the seeds you get in bird seed.  I still prefer to import mine specially.  I’m fussy about quality.

    Blackwatertown – I have been trying to disown her for thirty years.  Any excuse will do.

    Susan – An invitation like that is damned hard to refuse.  I’ll be arriving first fligtht tomorrow.  OK?

    Geri – Please stop blaming my site for your crappy Interweb connection.  The site is working fine for me.  It only took five minutes to load this page.

  12. My ma wouldn’t go anywhere without her fucking pressure cooker. No joke. Many a week in Lahinch began with us all squashed into a manky Ford Escort with the pressure cooker on one of our laps.

  13. Deviatrix – Welcome to the home of sanity!  A pressure cooker?  I like it.  It could have been worse though.  The gas oven?

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