Suckers — 23 Comments

  1. If you catch minnow either on a hook or in a small boy’s jamjar (the preferred method during my childhood) just throw them back in the river. You can always open a can of Moroccan sardines at the end of the day.

  2. While you are away, someone has stolen your avocado bathroom suite, thought better of it, and dumped it in the front garden. Door is wide open, and vans keep pulling up then driving off. I’m going over to see what’s left.

  3. Did someone say a sign has gone up as well – 50k for quick sale? Losing the bath will drift into insignificance!

  4. It’s quiet around here. No moaning on  about Irish politicians that no fucker has ever heard of. No bitchin’ about smoking regs. day after day.  No rattling on forever about a chuffin’ Guinea pig. Don’t know what to do with myself. Oh…….Yeah I do.

  5. It’s his missus I feel sorry for – she’s going to have to bear the brunt of all the bitching and moaning while they’re away

  6. He’ll be sat on the beach now. A knotted once white handkerchief on his head, trouser legs rolled up, a pair of pit boots, multi colored socks, puffing away at his pipe, sat amongst donkey shit ogling the young lasses waiting for the pubs to open.

  7. I believe he went to Cavan for holiday.  If not Cavan I think he’s in a rehab hospital.

  8. Ha, more likely sitting in a bar somewhere cursin’ football and wondering where these guinness swigging mexican supporters have all appeared from!

  9. Actually he’s over here. His GPS thingy had a cramp and he ended up in Vermont instead of West Cork (or wherever he went). I put him to work mowing my lawn .

  10. Hey guys I just spotted the old fart on TV in a stadium in South Africa watching  North Korea play. He was blowing somebody’s vulva.

  11. ’tis no holiday for herself. These are the things that her indoors wll have had to pack;

    Two large boxes of PG Tips.
    A condom.

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