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  2. You saiid: It was purely because Laura Whitmore is on the back cover and I fancied a wank bit of intellectual stimulation.

    Ah, a man after my own intellect. (Pic duly d/loaded onto my harddrive.)

  3. Its alright for you Grandad ..
    You only have to survive the World Cup .. whereas, no sooner is that load of pointless bollix over .. than we have to endure fucking “Wombledon” & the incessant, juvenile tantrums of that all-round cock-trumpet Andy Murray ..
    Count your blessings mate …

  4. I hate football and I probably  hate the World cup even more but I’m in a bit of a quandry about tomorrow.
    I can’t decide if I would rather see England lose or the United States.
    A goal-less draw would be alright I suppose.

  5. Johnie – Never heard of her before.  Is she supposed to be famous?

    TT – Fuck off outa that.

    BigYin – Do you want the scanned original?  It’s much bigger.  I’m sure I could easily peel it off my bedroom ceiling.

    Haddock – You forget how closely tied Irish and UK television is?  We get Wimblington as well.  At least it isn’t quite as hysterical.

  6. Tom – Heh!  And a fucking expensive lawn at that?

    Robert – Quite honestly I couldn’t give a flying fuck who is playing tomorrow and couldn’t give a shite if either or both teams are abducted by aliens.

  7. Aw, cheer up TT.  Go strangle a cute little kitten.  You’ll feel much better.  Honest.

  8. You want to know how bad this world cup thing is? They’re showing the matches on a giant screen set-up outside of city hall here in SAN FRANCISCO. Now we’ve really gone mad.
    Fuck, that girl is cute.

  9. Indeed, I had forgotten Grandad ..
    I should, of course know better .. the methdology of control is universal ..
    Keep the male proles “happy” with Football .. the females with “Soaps” …
    Well, I have news .. fuck ’em all .. because I have no interest in & don’t watch either ..

    PS .. You might at least have had the good grace to post the centre-fold of Laura thingummybob .. 😉

  10. Just endured England v USA with a load mostly made up of English. They weren’t happy. The only consolation was that there were no Scots present to rub it in. The Irish present were too dignified. (And anyway, there was nothing we could say to make them feel worse.)
    Though now I think of it, maybe we should have stuck the boot in. The party was after a first Holy Communion in England. During the service the priest asked if there were any Irish in the congregation. He then slagged us off for not qualifying and brandished an England shirt. Smug arse. Not so smug after the game I bet.

  11. blackwatertown ..
    You should have pissed in his font ..  or wiped your arse on his hymnals .. 😉

  12. I have tried and tried time and time again to understand the appeal of football. I even went to an Ireland match! Christ it is boring.

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