Waiting to be converted — 11 Comments

  1. I know how the poor mutt feels.  Next time you vacuum, put the poor mutt outside.  If you ever vacuum, that is.

  2. Put you outside. ‘Course, would probably have to scientificaly prove beyond any doubt that it actually was ‘outside’ and not ‘inside’ first.
    Oh well, got some work to do for once.

  3. Spice up the experience by leaving a window down a bit. In the back. So you have to scramble back t sort it out. Make sure the car has electric windows, so you can’t shut it easily. On of my little friends treated me to this thrill recently. Oh, it was deadly.
    You could borrow a friend’s car to try it in first.

  4. Interesting, what effects different things have on different people ..
    When my kids were little, they used to love sitting, belted-up  in the back of the car, whilst we went through the car wash ..  They thought the whole thing was done specially for their entertainment ..
    My own particular “bete-noir” is dogs .. I was badly bitten as a child & have retained a fear of them ever since .. Believe me, it took a massive amount of will power to board & travel in the rear of a Helicopter, with a sodding, great, slobbering “furry exocet” lying at my feet ..

  5. Blackwatertown – Not a bad idea.  I could drill a couple of holes in the floor [or just remove the chewing gun from the rust holes] for drainage and I ncould wash the inside of the car too?

    Haddock – I understand peoples fear of dogs.  I was attacked by an Alsation as a kid, and God knows how it didn’t scar me for life.  On the contrary, I couldn’t imagine life without one now.  Sandy has to go everywhere with me.  Except the swimming pool.  Actually, I don’t go near swimming pools, so that’s OK.

  6. Wot, you’ve washed your car to come down to West Cork! Gawd you’ll look posh in these parts!
    Ah, two days of pot-holes and cowshit and it’ll be just  like a tractor again in no time!

  7. Mick – I like to show up the natives.  Doubtless by the time I cross the border into Cork it will be covered in its usual layers of dead flies, blood, cowshit and other detritus.  Anyway, Herself wanted it washed.

  8. I don’t drive so don’t have this experience from a driver’s point of view, but do remember it as a passenger and that’s bad enough. Horrible! I’m with you on this one…

  9. Hate them nasty washes too. Which is why I wait untill the July Monsoons to wash the motor. A quick squirt of Lidl washing-up gunge along the top and sides just as the rains begin. It’s all energy-friendly too – which negates all your carbon guilt for having a car in the first place.

  10. There’s also the risk of the shaggydogs sticking and blocking the doors and trapping you in there for ever and ever… or until the bloke behind you gets pissed off waiting.

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