Fried or grilled? — 7 Comments

  1. Spot on Groandad. Never underestimate the power of Darwin. Judging by what I’ve seen in Ireland we are in no danger of losing a generation of geniuses. Let them broil themselves as much as they like.

  2. TT – Are you adding gin to your carrot juice again?  You know hat’s not good for you.  [You should drink the gin neat].

    Con – Just think of all the bimbos, “celebrities” and other wastes of space that we would fry up.  Lovely.  Maybe they should offer air-miles for each hour under the lamp?

  3. I could never see the sense in the things myself nor could I use them if I did. Ever hear that old joke about how skinny guys have to run around in the shower to get wet? I have to run around on the beach in order to get a tan. A tanning bed wouldn’t stand a chance.
    I agree…let ’em fry.

  4. Kirk M – You’d probably slip between the tubes and be safe anyway.  Personally, I don’t even know what the damned things look like, apart from pictures.

  5. … yet in Asia us palefaces are the sexiest things walking.  Zapping skin with a few UV particles  is far better for it than bleaching it!! 

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