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  1. You are unusually reticent about the details of your vacation plans this year. The last couple of years we have been inundated(bored shitless)  with minutae re. your trips to France. Not plannining on surprising me, turning up on my doorstep are you?  Just can’t figure out why………………….ahh!  Mountjoy is it ?

  2. Oh and talking of trips to France; on  this day 66 years ago my Dad was on a beach in France. Or as they put it in his records, embarked North West Europe. Perhaps you were there also, Grandad. Not on the same side, of course!

  3. Ah Grandad!  Some of us will be mourning your absence and counting the days until your return!  Of course, as you’re so fond of pointing out, we Americans probably just don’t know any better!  Have fun and don’t worry.  Your readers are harder to shake than you think.

  4. Well if it is a holiday you are going on GD, hope you have a grand time! But if it isn’t – and this is code for something more sinister (than France) – then very good luck to you (!) and don’t worry, and stop worrying us (me) because in the words of that robotic mortal, who is now governer of earthquake city: “I’ll be back!” Or well, not me – you. You’ll be back. Or if you’re not, well – you know…. ‘Se la vie’.
    (I swear I typed all this without one single sip of alcohol. It is however quite possible that it also happened whilst I was still having a  nap. Nap typing. Good grief….).
    Take care GD.

  5. Not surprised he’s gone on the run. So would I if  I had a fatwa out on me by Ireland’s equivalent of the Sex and the City mob.


  6. TT – In my position, I have to consider my privacy.  The Paparazzi are only too happy to chase me around, and I don’t want them taking photographs of Herself in her usual holiday drunken state.  Suffice it to say that I shall be in the general West Cork area, centering on Bantry.  I cannot be more definite than that, as I’m not too sure where exactly I’m heading myself.

    Star – You’re a star!  🙂

    Geri – I never for a moment thought you were on the jar.  I know only too well the effects of ‘medication’ and what it does to my spelling.  Head Rambles Manor and Holland have a lot in common…..

    Con – There’s a fatwa on me?  How much am I worth?  I hope I won’t be insulted.

  7. If you take a quiet cruise on the Mediterranean and your creaky little boat sails too close to a certain shore we may see your beard and pipe on the front page of the newspapers. Make sure you’re not caught with a penknife.

  8. I came to this blog through the back door – I read the book first (having picked it up on a sale shelf in Hughes & Hughes in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre last Christmas). By the way, some writers might hate to be on a sale shelf, but I have come across some fantastic books that I’d never have read any other way (and yes, I think yours is fantastic). [Soft soap for the bit that comes later]

    I suppose I’m luckier than most in that I still have to read a lot of the posts in your archive, so your going away won’t be too painful (to start with). I wish you a good break, but would just like to ask if you’ve heard of laptops. They’re very handy for bloggers who have a faithful fanbase they would hate to disappoint (cough, cough). Would it kill you to key in a couple of lines every week about what the weather’s like in your holiday venue or how many touring celebrities you’ve spotted (through your gun-sights)?  

  9. Gabby – You won’t find me cruising on the Mediterranean or anywhere else for that matter.  The idea of a holiday in a steel box with nothing to see but water, is not my idea of fun.  Anyway those buggers would be afraid to touch me after all the threats our Glorious Leader has made.

    Allie – You are more than welcome!  You actually bought The Book?  Wow!  They told me that might happen.

    Yes, indeed I have heard of laptops.  Strange as it may seem, I’m writing this on one at this very moment.  Coincidence or something more sinister?  This very machine has travelled to France with me, where much against my better judgement, I did the occasional daily update.  However, I am sticking to good old backward Ireland this year, and thus my problem is one of lack of Interweb access.  Maybe I’ll be able to pirate the occasional link, but I won’t be doing it every day!

  10. Hey grandad, I just came across this finding from a recent survey of Irish attitudes to sex and wine:  “15% of over 500 respondents said they would give up wine before both sex and chocolate, compared to only 7% prepared to go celibate.”
    I don’t think they interviewed many confirmed bachelors or mellowed family men, so I am inclined to discount the survey as being unrepresentative.
    I am sure there is many a happy bachelor or married father of 11 kids who would be willing to give up sex first, before sacrificing the good cheap bouteille de vin de table costing only €4.99 at their local Irish supermarket, or occasionally two for a giveaway €8.50. And what contented woman is going to forego a nice box of chocolates before ‘wifely duties’? Are these opinion surveyors joking or what?
    Maybe you can ponder a considered philosophical and psycho-sociological response over your next couple of glasses of wine as you enjoy your continental holiday.

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