The happiest days of my life — 8 Comments

  1. I left school at the earliest possible opportunity, I never went to either college or university ..  I was too clean, washed too frequently & my hair was  too short .. that, together with my aversion to drug-taking, ensured that I didn’t get in, despite having the required number of GCE’s (remember those, exams which meant something) ? ..
    Instead, I joined the “school of life”,  the university of “hard knocks”  in uniform, made my own career & had enormous fun whilst doing so ..
    Visited some fantastic places, worked with some brilliant people, made some great mates & had some wonderful times .. So I guess I’d have done OK on the pissing-up side of things ..  (Tiger & San Miguel beers have much to answer for) .. Lol
    But I have to say, I’m now thoroughly enjoying creating mayhem & aggro as a pensioner .. Heh heh ….

  2. Weirdo – I wouldn’t want to wish your life away, but isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to?

    Haddock – I never realised that life would be so good.  I am especially enjoying the adapting of my life to the sterotype.  There are few joys to rival that of holding up a massive queue at the checkout while I fumble for small change.  😈

  3. In general, my days consisted of turning up in college, deciding to skip lectures and ending up in either the canteen playing cards, or in the pub.
    I could very easily have written this sentence. We felt we were ‘learning by osmosis,’ we just had to be in the grounds of the college.

  4. Probably, but never too late to make up for it.
    College, if nothing else, instilled in me the inability to say no. It has served me drunkenly for years.

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