The truth is out there — 8 Comments

  1. But haven’t I been saying just this all along?

    The whole thing is just sham and propaganda.

  2. Look you’ve found one 80 year old codger who you have never heard of before. But as  he agrees with you he must be right? Also why now  believe a guy who was too much of a coward to say what he believes before he retired? I reckon passive smoking and regular smoking have something in common. It all depends on how much of it you are exposed to. Common sense really.

  3. The fact that this ‘old codger’ is a professor and a leading pulmonologist is of no consequence?

    The Global Warming fiasco is an indicator of the consequences of not following the party line.  If you speak against ‘established facts’, no matter how erronious, you stand to lose a lot more than face.  I know of quite a few doctors who have major questions about the whole ‘secondary smoking’ business, but who just don’t want to rock the boat.


  4. Smoking, Passive smoking, Global warming ..
    The bigger the lie told often enough .. the more gullible people who fall for it ..

  5. @Captain Haddock
    “Smoking, Passive smoking, Global warming ..”
    What are you saying, that smoking is harmless? Where’s the lie?
    Grandad, smoking ban is mostly about the stench. Just stench, not health. And I agree with it 100% (being a smoker).

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